RFP 2014-04 Call Center Support Services

The purpose of this solicitation is to procure call center services during projected peak call volume periods of November 2014 through February 2015.

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RFP 2014-02 Newspaper Insert

Covered California seeks a vendor to write, design, print 745,000 copies of an eight-page tabloid newsprint publication in English and Spanish versions, to deliver them to twenty (20) locations, and to provide an accompanying media plan.

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RFO 2014-01 SaaS LMS

Covered California is looking to migrate the content and User information from the current Learning Management System (LMS) to a new LMS. There are no system integrations required for this solution.

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RFP 2013-16 Change Management Consulting for Enrollment Functionality Improvements

Covered California is currently reviewing its end to end consumer experience as it relates to the software and expertise operations systems. Covered California is looking to implement new functionality and enhance the existing functionality of the enterprise operations systems, to prepare for the next phase of health care insurance open enrollment in the fall of 2014. Covered California is looking for consulting firm with strong expertise in project and change management to quickly confirm Covered California's requirements for system and business changes for next Open Enrollment, and to facilitate design sessions to drive these changes through to documentation for other vendors to implement.

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Request for Information - Learning Management System (LMS) and/or Training Design, Development, Deliver 

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is two-fold:

  1. to determine feasibility and costs of partnering with vendors who have the capacity to provide instructional design, development and delivery of Covered California blended-learning solutions and,
  2. to review the Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are available, and determine if Covered California University should transition from our current system to an alternative system.

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Request for Information - Web-Based Entity

Please Note: We will resume consideration of web-based entities following completion of 2015 open enrollment.

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to gather information to determine the potential benefits in terms of increased enrollment, the feasibility of a solution, the associated costs to Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), and how to ensure consumers are served in ways that reflect the values of Covered California and DHCS when potentially partnering with companies that can provide through

  1. an online consumer-facing retail agent, and/or
  2. a platform and/or software that enable independent agents to obtain web-based quotes for their clients or prospective clients, while meeting program compliance requirements of the California Health Benefit Exchange (Covered California) and DHCS.

2015 QHP and Dental Certification and Recertification

The California Health Benefit Exchange/Covered California is seeking renewal and new entrant applications from issuers proposing to sell Qualified Health Plans (QHP) and Dental Plans through the Exchange for Plan Year 2015.

In the links below please find information related to submitting applications. Please submit completed Letters of Intent with a cover letter. Only applicants who have submitted a Letter of Intent will be given access to on-line applications (non-PDF) which will be made available after March 17, 2014.

RFP 2013-09 Actuarial Services

Covered California is seeking health insurance actuarial services to support a range of activities related to Plan Management.

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RFP 2013-08: Enterprise Analytics Solution

Covered California is seeking an analytics solution. Covered California encourages all interested parties to fully review this Request for Proposal (RFP), and if qualified, to respond.

5/23/2014 - Covered California is in the process of reviewing the substantive questions and feedback received from potential bidders, and has decided to suspend this RFP until further notice. We encourage potential bidders to continue to check this site for updates

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RFP 2013-05: Enterprise-Wide Consumer Protection Assessment

Covered California has decided to not award this contract.

RFP 2013-06: Photography Services

The purpose of this solicitation is to acquire photography services to assist with Covered California’s marketing and publicity plan to advertise the health care options that will be available through Covered California.

Qualified Health Plans Solicitation

In January 2013, bids from health issuers proposing to sell Qualified Health Plans through the Exchange will be due to the Exchange. This QHP solicitation is the FINAL release of the information that the Exchange will be requesting from QHP bidders in order for the Exchange to make the final selections of which QHPs will be offered to the public in which geographic areas in California.

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