RFP 2014-21 – Audit Services

The purpose of this solicitation is to procure a contractor to perform a programmatic audit for the calendar year ending December 31, 2014. The audit will be conducted in accordance with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book). This programmatic audit will assess Covered California compliance with Title 45, Code of Federal Regulations (45 CFR) Part 155, Subparts C, D, E, and K for both the Individual Market and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), and with the privacy and security standards stipulated at 45 CFR 155,260(a(3).

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RFP 2014-05 - Community Outreach

Covered California requires strategic leadership and consulting services to under-serviced communities for the purposes of education and enrollment. Individual proposals will be specific to an identified community (ie; African American, Latino, Asian-Pacific Islander).

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Request for Information - Web-Based Entity

Please Note: We will resume consideration of web-based entities following completion of 2015 open enrollment.

The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to gather information to determine the potential benefits in terms of increased enrollment, the feasibility of a solution, the associated costs to Covered California and the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), and how to ensure consumers are served in ways that reflect the values of Covered California and DHCS when potentially partnering with companies that can provide through

  1. an online consumer-facing retail agent, and/or
  2. a platform and/or software that enable independent agents to obtain web-based quotes for their clients or prospective clients, while meeting program compliance requirements of the California Health Benefit Exchange (Covered California) and DHCS.

2015 QHP and Dental Certification and Recertification

The California Health Benefit Exchange/Covered California is seeking renewal and new entrant applications from issuers proposing to sell Qualified Health Plans (QHP) and Dental Plans through the Exchange for Plan Year 2015.

In the links below please find information related to submitting applications. Please submit completed Letters of Intent with a cover letter. Only applicants who have submitted a Letter of Intent will be given access to on-line applications (non-PDF) which will be made available after March 17, 2014.

RFP 2013-08: Enterprise Analytics Solution

Covered California is seeking an analytics solution. Covered California encourages all interested parties to fully review this Request for Proposal (RFP), and if qualified, to respond.

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